Edamame, a red hybrid soybean, is typically used as a condiment within its unpeeled pod. It can also be sprinkled on seafood. These red beans are a rich source of protein from plants and provide a lot of nutrients per serving. Soybeans contain nearly double the protein of corn and are much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, research suggests that eating soy protein can reduce blood pressure and reduce the chance of certain cancers. But what’s even more fascinating about edamame is the fact that it is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Edamame contains more vitamin C than oranges, and more vitamin A than carrots, spinach and watermelon.

When I was younger, I used to get a packet of young soybeans each week from the supermarket and sprinkle them on my cereal at breakfast time. Although there are many who recommend dried green soybeans, I prefer fresh soybeans. These delicious and sweet snacks can be prepared in a variety of ways. Let’s look at some. These are my top three choices.

Edamame – This simple mix of sweet rice vinegar and edamame are simple to prepare in a non-stick pan. 毛豆 You can add your preferred ingredients and enjoy your own little mid-morning surprise. Soak your edamame pods for a night in warm water to ensure they are ready for use when you require them. Then, boil them in water, drain them and pop them into your pre-heated cast iron pan.

Protein Powder – Add some sea salt and beans to your muesli to get an extra amount of protein. The delicious texture and slightly bitter taste of this powder make it perfect for adding to any toast or meal. To make sure the beans and powder mixture is ready when you need it just make use of a food processor to chop your ingredients before adding the coffee you are making. You can also flavor your food with a high quality sea salt. You can make use of your sea salt to make your own version of green soybean muesli, or purchase packets of dried muesli that already have been spiced with your favorite flavor.

Edamame Beans: Surprisingly, there is no need for sea salt to make this delicious snack. These tiny beans are packaged in a 32-inch container. You’ll need plenty of space to spread them on your pancakes, french toast, or any other snack you choose. To improve the flavor of your beans soak them overnight. Add milk or water to soften them to use in your muesli. They are also high in potassium and can lower blood pressure.

Kifir I’m sure that you’ve been told about fermented soybeans and if you’re like most people, you’ve never considered Kifir. However, these tiny soybeans are actually more digestible than regular soybeans, which means you get more protein and fiber out of each serving. They come in a package of twelve ounces, which is a bit smaller than the packages of edamame beans. You can soak the kifir in water in order to enhance the texture and flavor or just add milk or water and let the Kifir babies develop.

Edamame or Kifir are great alternatives to soybean meals. If you’re trying decide if you should eat green soybeans or shelled beans, you might have noticed that both are similar in texture. This can be an excellent thing for your diet. Both have plenty of nutrients like fiber, protein and vitamins however, there are important differences that you should be aware of. Both provide plenty of nutrition, the difference is that one is a complete food while the other is more of an addition. A snack that is a substitute like a shelled soybean shows you how versatile this bean is and how it can fill you up when you’re in need of energy.

Both have high levels of protein, however they differ in fat content. While edamame has about four percent of total protein, green soybeans have about 13 percent protein in weight. Soybeans are more nutritious than meat and lets you include more often in your meals. Even if you’re vegan or vegetarian you can still take a cup of green bean pudding and get all the protein you need.


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