Viu, a high-end streaming service for video, originated in Hong Kong. It’s part of the PCCW Group. It offers various content like movies, TV programs, as well as online games. The entertainment website is extremely loved by its users and has lots of them. Viu is available for both the residents of Hong Kong and foreign customers.

In order to start using VIU for the first time, you have to subscribe to its service using iTunes. It will cost you monthly for the service. You may stop automatic renewal of your subscription at any time via your account settings within the first 24 days of expiration of your current subscription. After this time your subscription won’t continue to be renewed.

Full-length movies and shows can be downloaded and movies with the paid VIU version. Viu Premium offers a number of advantageslike priority viewing and an all-access pass. Viu Premium allows unlimited downloads without having to worry about your data usage. This isn’t ideal for people who want to only watch certain episodes.

It lets people download and stream content from all over the globe. It’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy new movies and television shows on the go. Viu has a broad selection of movies and TV shows as well as popular TV programs in Japan, China and Korea. The subtitles are available in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Arabic.

Viu launched its first on Hong Kong on October 15 15, 2015. Later, it was extended the service to India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Viu has over thirty original films in production. The service is considered to be the most popular OTT streaming service across all of Asia. In each quarter of 2021, it’s MAUs were within the top. The website was second on the list for premium subscribers, as well as premium video streaming minutes.

movie hd of the service contains films that span different genres. Each film is accompanied by a synopsis and details about the cast in addition to user reviews. Additionally, you can find suggestions to similar films on the site. It’s easy to search for the film you’re looking for. You can add movies on your wish list and also share them with your friends.

The mission of VIU is to encourage critical exploration of the future as well as acknowledge the interdependence of natural and human processes. Its rich culture as well as the special environment Venice offers is used by the programs. This unique environment permits students to explore the remarkable culture of the past and present as well as the challenges in the near future. Beyond its basic programs, VIU also offers a wide range of courses in Humanities and environmental humanities.

Viu also offers a range of original Asian programming to provide. Viu Premium subscribers get access to premium content, HD streaming with no ads, and exclusive video content. It is now possible to stream the most popular Chinese and Taiwanese dramas , as well as Korean dramas. It is also possible to watch the most top TV shows and movies through this website.