Ra Mi-Ran in the Good Bad Mother

Ra Mi-ran is a talented actress who has the ability to convey full range of emotions. The performance she gives in her role as the good bad mom is not an exception.
The good bad mother is unapologetically raw and heartfelt, unafraid to dig into painful moments of parent-child relationships. They aren’t stereotypes and are not akin to the characters in a lot of Kdramas.
A devastating accident is able to leave an ambitious prosecutor in the mind of a child? Both his mom and him are forced to go on a recovery journey.
The show is about the tense relationship between mother, son and daughter. The drama reveals each aspect of it. The Good Bad Mother takes the viewer on a tour of the mother-son bond, through their fights with bullies in school to their admissions to college.
The writing of this series is amazing – not one character is reduced to typical K-drama stereotypes. Even the antagonists are given a degree of depth that makes the characters seem real.
Ra Mi-ran is one of my most loved actresses and she shines. She has the uncanny ability to imbue her characters with an array of emotions and her rapport with Lee Do-hyun has a distinct chemistry. She is a true talent and I can’t wait to see what she does next. The show is certainly worth watching.
Young-soon (Ra Mi-ran) is a pig who has no money to farmer.
Young-soon has a great relationship with her children, in spite of her living on her own farm without any husband. Although she may feel that her son Kang-ho is making an mess of his life, she will not let him down.
The Good Bad Mother, a comedy inspired by real-life incidents and a romance with an adult daughter of an unmarried mother. Starring veteran actress Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-hyun who is fresh off the Netlifx hit show The Glory, the show is set to premiere on the 26th of April on jTBC as well as internationally on Netflix.
Ra Mi-ran’s talent to depict her characters with such an emotional, yet raw profundity is apparent throughout the series. Her portrayal of Young-soon’s character is especially impressive, as she portrays her character as someone that is both powerful and vulnerable all at once. Every scene she plays, she is able convey the complexities of mother-son relationships. In some ways, she is truly one of the finest actors on the market.
Kang-ho is Han Joon-woo, a successful public prosecutor.
The Good Bad Mother by JTBC has caused a stir in a drama genre that is typically dominated by romcoms and thrillers. The series, which stars Lee Do-hyun, the star of Netlifx’s hit The Glory as well as the veteran actress Ra Mi Ran, has been able to draw the attention of audiences.
As Sam-sik struggles to pay for his debts He returns his luxury bag to Kangho. There, he finds the memory card. It contains voice recordings from Woo-byeok and Tae Soo. They reveal their intentions to kill Soo-hyun as well as her son.
While he contemplates his ultimate revenge, Kang-ho comes across Mi-joo. She reassures him that she won’t leave him and the two begin to live together. Between her physiotherapy sessions and an intense work schedule she helps him learn to walk. They become closer each test and they celebrate with each passing of the final exam for the bar. But when he learns of Mi-joo’s stage four stomach cancer He is devastated and tries to break up with Mi-joo.
Go Ah-in (Lee Bo-young) is a creative director.
Ah-in is an assistant Production Team 2 leader at VC Planning. She is driven for success, despite her family’s financial hardship.
Choi Chang Soo (Jo Sung Ha), another brilliant director at the same company has a rival. Ah-in aspires to be chief of the organization and uses her determination and silver tongue to get there.
It is not just that Kim Woo Won’s secret projects and slush fund use to make sure that she doesn’t lose face. With her determination and power she is aiming to become the CEO of VC Group. However, she’s not on her own on this path, since her best friend and long-time companion, Hanna, is by her side to support every step of the process. At the end of the day, Ah-in reaches her goal and proves to be the best. Also, she reunites to Young Woo, whom she has feelings for. This drama includes Jo Eun Jung, Jo Hye Jin, as well as Han Jun Woo.



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